At JAG Construction, we are a leader in installing active solar components to our residential projects.  Tax credits can make these systems very financially feasable.  Currently the state of North Carolina and the Federal government offer tax incentives that are quite substantial. For details on these tax incentives we reccomend visiting  Under current law, these systems can qualify for up to a 35% state credit and a 30% federal tax credit.

solar water heating system

Our basic system is a solar water heating system that contains two 4' x 10' collectors mounted on the roof.

These collectors are connected to the solar storage tank in the utility room seen below.

The tank on the right is the solar storage tank.  The tank on the left is a standard electric domestic hot water heater.  Water that has been heated by the sun flows from the solar tank into the domestic tank, reducing the need for electricity to heat the hot water for the home.  On days where there is not enough sun to keep the water warm, the domestic tank functions just as a regular hot water heater would.  This system is the most cost effective way to harness energy from the sun.

We have partnered with several local companies to install these solar systems.  Much more information is available from each of their websites.

First Light Solar,

Sundance Power Systems,


The other type pf solar energy technology available is Photovoltaics or PV.  PV panels use the sun to excite electrons and create direct current electricity.  Many advances have been made in recent years in the PV industry, and just recently prices for PV systems have dropped dramatically due to a glut in the global market.  With state and federal tax credits and grants from local electric companies, installing PV is becoming more affordable than ever.  PV panels have a slightly different look than hot water panels: