Superior Walls

At JAG Construction, we are big fans of pre-cast concrete wall systems for our basements.  Most of our building sites here in Western North Carolina have a fair amount of topography.  This means we have to build basements.  We have found that the pre-cast wall systems out preform concrete block in many ways.  First off, these walls are poured using 5000psi concrete making them pretty much impenetrable to water.  Second, since they come in large sections, they are stronger and less likely to crack.  Third, they are pre insulated making the basement energy efficient and simplifying the building process.  Fourth, they are fast, making for a much more efficient jobsite, and little waste on site.  Fifth, They use less material than block since the walls are thinner, yet stronger, and don’t require a continuous concrete footer.

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We take recycling very seriously.  In general the construction industry produces the lion’s share of solid waste in the United States.  Fortunately, a large portion of the waste created in building a home can be recycled.  Some of the top recycler’s would be; wood, cardboard, metal, sheetrock, concrete and other masonry products.  Finding a way to recycle these products is not very difficult, but the process of sorting and delivering can be time consuming.  Most builders just find it easier to send it to the landfill.  We do not find that to be acceptable.

Conventional builders throw away many materials that can be recycled

In this picture you can see a conventional builder’s dumpster filled with recyclable materials.  This was the second 3o yard dumpster this builder filled up building this house.  Building a comparable size home, JAG Construction created two 15 yard dumpsters, one of which was completely recycled…  We have also implemented practices to make the construction process more efficient, and therefore less wasteful.  We manage to use every little piece of lumber while framing.  We also transport materials between job sites to make sure every usable thing gets used.

Educating our customer is another effective way of keeping materials out of the waste stream.  By helping our customers to become better recyclers, we can keep materials out of the landfill for the life of the home, and not just during the building process.  Curbie is the local recycling company is Asheville.  A list of what they recycle in Asheville can be found here: